Within my new panoramic releases (centre image top of page) this frame was shot in 2010 with my 617 panoramic camera off Avoca beach headland Central Coast Australia I was preparing that week for the sinking of the decommissioned Adelaide Navy ship which was to form an artificial reef off Avoca headland, the sinking of the ship did not eventuate due to environmental legal reasons but I was well rewarded with this spectacular sunrise and so were a number of rock fisherman, the color and intensity was per the transparency and displayed image file here nothing was altered.

7/08/2010 This year is moving very quickly for me & I am extremely busy at this time currently I am developing a new website that I will launch this coming year with many new landscapes to compliment my new site as I am behind a little with my timelines and launching my new brand name I am sure the outcomes are looking very bright. If you have been out lately photographing some beautiful landscapes then you would have been rewarded with some nice sky's and clear conditions it certainly is a great time of year here in Australia a bit cool as winter will be soon drawing to a close and Spring is just around the corner.

22/05/2010 Photoshop is one of the best and most powerful image editing tools around I have been a user of Photoshop for many years I use Photoshop for processing Raw image files , photo retouching , cleaning / processing Raw scans off film ,batch processing of commercial photographic workflow and much more, it is always important to remember a great photo starts with good photography skills at the camera it is not wise to adopt the attitude " I can just fix it up in Photoshop " As with many great landscape photos you need the photographic skills along with great patience , selecting the times of day with light and optimum weather conditions to make that great photo.This months Better Photoshop magazine has very good articles on correct camera techniques for ensuring you capture those great images from the start.

18/02/2010 Photographing with traditional film based products is certainly becoming a thing of the past, new comers into the world of photography and many professionals have made that transition over to digital a few years ago, digital camera technology now days has improved to a high level and we will see many more improvements to come with new models being released every year by the big manufacturers.

I believe film has much to offer us within the art of true photography which is why I still love to shoot on film for certain types of my photographic workflow the film process is very rewarding and when it comes to the lab processing I leave that to the professionals at Vision Image Lab in Sydney .Waiting to see your negatives or trannies come back from the lab is always exciting , viewing them on a light table to choose the images for further processing then taking those images to the final print. That process and feeling is something digital photography cannot even come close to capturing many pro photographers and enthusiast will agree,,long live film.

Coming soon in 2010 I will be launching my new website dedicated Landscape work folio only included will be a shopping cart to purchase online in the meantime take a look at some of my beautiful new local landscapes I have captured during 2009 at Zenfolio & within my panoramic gallery all landscapes are open edition prints signed with edition number and certificate of authenticity and can be purchased now, if you wish to ask any questions or purchase prints please email me and I will get back to you with all details and costing.


avoca/duststorm/09 Dust Storms in Australia 2009 give a yellow filter like effect... D3, 105mm lens @ f16 sunrise


1/12/09 I have been asked many times what cameras I use and why,, I shoot all my digital workflow on Nikon pro camera bodies and lenses my panoramic landscape workflow I shoot on a 617/120 roll film panoramic camera and a Hasselblad medium format film camera, I choose Nikon professional cameras for quality,performance and reliability I occasionally still use my old Nikon 35mm film cameras.Digital capture is ideal and practical for the majority of my commercial / product photography my landscape work I prefer the look and feel of film like many professional landscape photographers the other main advantage with medium format film you can achieve very large beautiful prints with stunning detail.Digital cameras have advanced so much with image quality and resolution within the last few years and the current SLR pro models and entry level models are just superb like the Nikon D3S , D3X , D700 and D90 take a look at DP Review for all new and existing camera reviews,highly recommended





I love to go photographing and walking in my local National Parks, if you take the time to see and appreciate what is on offer you are always rewarded



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