David Waugh

Welcome to my website & online galleries I currently reside on the beautiful Central Coast of New South Wales Australia now following my passion & direction in life I had been inspired from a young age with the joy & beauty of photography and what it had to offer me, my current professional photographic work folio is very diverse I enjoy the ever changing environments I photograph within, living by the ocean offers many rewards as a landscape photographer I love to capture all the coastal beauty and the many colours of the sunrises and sunsets that constantly change from day to day Photography is my life & creative passion and gives me contentment & gratitude in capturing the beauty of that given moment in time..

We have such a beautiful country from the crystal clear coastal waters filled with abundant sea life to the natural beauty of the Australian bush and rainforest with all it's wildlife within capturing that beauty is wonderful however we all need to work together and preserve that beauty for many generations to come. Thank you.

If you would like to contact David for further information or to place an order on any of the displayed gallery photos please email david@dwphotography.net.au.