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SC300 Prospective Spouse Visa

This visa has a validity period of nine months from the date of entry and is designed to allow the applicant to enter Australia and marry within that nine month period.

Once married, and providing all relevant criteria are met, the visa holder can then apply for a sc820 Partner visa. After a period of two years (less in certain circumstances) and subject to the relationship being ongoing in most cases, the sc820 visa holder is then invited to apply for the sc801 permanent visa.
The sponsor (fiancée) must be an Australian citizen or Permanent Resident or eligible NZ citizen.
The applicant and sponsor must have met and be personally known to each other. Internet meetings alone do not qualify for this visa.  Same sex relationships do not qualify for this visa.
• The couple must genuinely intend to marry and must marry within the validity period
• The couple must also genuinely intend to live together as spouses
• They must be able to marry under Australian law
• The applicant must be outside Australia when the visa is granted
The Government Visa Application Charge for this visa currently is $6865 + 0.98% DIBP Credit Card Surcharge
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