River Repair Bus – work for the dole program

CONGRATULATIONS HARRO! One of our most inspirational OzFishers, David ‘Harro’ Harris is set to continue his extraordinary work to restore and protect the health of the Macquarie River, as part of the work for the dole program. OzFish Unlimited are so proud of you mate….with every native you plant and every piece of rubbish you remove, you are also changing and improving the lives of so many. You’re a legend……watch the video

The Burrendong Classic – more than just a fishing comp!

Living in Lennox Head a common Easter activity is to get wet and muddy at the Blues Festival but sometimes you need to break out of what you normally do – change the “status quo??? as they say. So in 2017 after a couple of years of invites I made the trip to Lake Burrendong just out of Dubbo in NSW, for the renowned and iconic Lake Burendong Easter Fishing Classic……..read more 


Champion of Fish Habitat – Harry Davey

Name: Harry Davey                                                                                                                         From: Tenterfield, NSW.                                                                                                               Job: Supermarket Manager.                                                                                                         Loves: Freshwater Fishing.……read more

Dr Martin Mallen-Cooper

Dr Mallen-Cooper is an internationally recognised expert in fish ecology and fish passage with over 35 years’ experience in researching and delivering improved outcomes for fish.  His research on the ecology of fish migration, fish behaviour and swimming ability led to the first successful fishways for native fish in Australia.  Martin has worked with state and federal government agencies, water authorities, engineering firms, local councils, and community groups; mainly in Australia, but also in Laos, Cambodia, Bangladesh, China, and New Zealand.  His work has been published widely in international scientific journals.


Champion of Fish Habitat – Luke Galea

Name: Luke Galea                                                                                                                         From: Mackay, QLD.                                                                                                                    Job: Supervisor of Waterways Team at Mackay Regional Council.                             Loves: Trekking rainforest streams in search of sooty grunter, jungle perch and barramundi……read more

Recreational Fishers in Australia

Recreational Fishers in Australia - A social snapshot

WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? And why it’s important to know. Take a minute to get to know yourself and your sport even more in this fascinating snapshot of Aussie anglers. By understanding why you love to fish and how it makes you feel, how you connect with other anglers and what you value most about fishing – you’ll see that you’re not just a “fisho!” But a guardian and protector to the future of our sport. ‘Recreational Fishers in Australia – a Social Snapshot’